Sewn bellows

Sewn bellows are hand-manufactured flexible protection elements, the applications of which are extremely diverse.  Sewn gaiters are used everywhere where freedom of movement and the protection of important machine parts has to be ensured.

 Fields of application

  • medium-sized to large bellows
  • protection against dust, cinders, filings on shafts, spindles, pistons and hydraulic systems
  • protection against sand, sparks, heat and splashes of material on robots, moulding and casting machines  Depending on the fold depth, length ratios of 1:10 are possible
  • prevention against the development of dust in the case of vibration conveyors and packaging systems In a right-angled shape as a separation from the cropper lift plates.
  • a guarantee of freedom of movement in a aggressive or damp climate
  • lowering of noises in the pipe system
  • protects the movable parts of industry robots



Sewed bellows are manufactured without a shape. The shaping is done by wire rings, which are available in almost any diameter.  The sewn-in wire rings can be round or right-angles and lend the bellow its shape as well as enormous stability.  The fold trough arises through the reversing of a spiral spring.


 Depending on the purpose, folded gaiters in a sewn design can be manufactured from a variety of materials.

Diameter 100-2000 mm

Length: unlimited (even in part pieces)

In order to enable uniform removal, folded gaiters can be provided with a own weight over 10 kg with removal barriers. Here, the individual folds are additionally protected against overstretching.

In the case of sewn folded gaiters, the standard fold depth is between 30 and 50mm.

In order to avoid increased wear and tear as well as sagging when used horizontally, supporting or sliding panels can be used.