Cable protection

The condition of the supply lines and cable strands is decisive for robots and production machines working reliably. In order to avoid damage to supply lines, these are protected by hoses, sheaths or casing.


Various materials are available. The material is selected according to the functional, mechanical and thermal requirements.  One material that has proven particularly resilient, is leather. It is flexible, does not burn and when scorched, does not emit toxic vapours. In addition, through coatings or reinforcements, it is possible

to directly influence the material properties. Folded gaiters can be used to protect supply lines, but can also take on the function of expansion joints. As expansion joints, they are made of leather and technical fabrics.

The material and design are criteria which are important even at the planning stage. Here, expertise and experience are required.


  • protective hose, long side closed
  • protective hose with a press stud closure, Velcro closure or zip closure for subsequent assembly
  • as a folded gaiter
  • as a combination of hose and folded gaiter
  • as a protective hood

 Criteria which are of importance:

  • optimal protection
  • high bend elasticity
  • problem-free adaptation to the course of the movement
  • slide-proof mounting
  • correct choice of material, especially in the case of high levels or thermal or mechanical stress