Loading hoses

...are used in factory halls and in the open, in dry and wet weather, in both summer and winter. 

This means that their ability to perform has to be ensured regardless of the climatic and thermal stresses.  Fast, smooth running, with no pollution, are important requirements when discharging, loading and conveying bulk material.  So that loading hoses can meet the practical requirements placed on them, they need to meet a number of technological requirements.  In detail, these are:

  • assurance of a continuous discharging process

  • dust-free conveying and/or loading
  • all weather use
  • resistance to abrasion, even in the case of abrasive goods
  • avoidance of a static charge in the case of flammable materials
  • heat resistance in the case of conveyed goods
  • a large range, in order to fill small vehicles and containers as well
  • a small construction height ensures maximum overhead clearance

 Precise adaptation to the discharged good and the operating constraints ensure easy handling and extended durability.


 Products are only successful if they are maintenance free and durable. The material is appointed depending on the types of goods to be loaded. In general, the raw material. is leather, textile fabric or plastic sheeting. By coating with plastic or laminating with a film, the material properties can be adapted to the application accordingly. It is important that both the conveyed goods to be discharged as well as the operating conditions are taken into account.


Our loading hoses are manufactured in sizes ranging from a nominal width of approx. 200 mm, and increase in increments of 50 mm, up to a diameter of approx. 2000 mm. Upon request, different dimensions are possible.


 In order to ensure exact interfolding, rings made from spring wire are sewn in. Additional stabilisation is provided by prorated coil springs, they return the hose back without any problems. A deviation ratio representing a minimum to a maximum elongation of up to 1:10 is possible.

Double loading hoses with a ventilation device

 This type of design is used if, when filling closed containers, air that is full with dust represents a hindrance to the discharge procedure and cannot escape.

Single loading hose with a filter ventilation device

Where there is minimum dust, single loading hoses are sufficient. They represent an inexpensive solution The air which has had its dust removed by a filter escapes into the open, just like the air of a vacuum cleaner.


 A connection plate is mounted onto the silo and/or the conveyor system which has a support for fastening the loading hose.  Installation is thus not complicated. At the lower end of the hose, it is possible to fit a filling cone which fits into the openings of the silo vehicles and the container.

Fields of application

Small-sized, granular and powdered, hot and abrasive products can be discharged, loaded or conveyed using loading hoses. The main users are cement factories,

chemical factories, mills, maltings, feed manufacturers, salt mines, coal mines, coal power stations, and companies in the food industry.

In order to define the product, use our questionnaire:

dimensions sheet - loading hose

dimensions sheet – loading hose with a guidance rope

foldable loading hose

foldable loading hose with a guidance rope