...have conquered different fields of application.

These range from simple dust protection to use in smelting works.

They protect spindles and pistons and are used in television studios for air conditioning. As well as this, they are used in continuous casting, in order to avoid reactions of the liquid steel with atmospheric moisture.  We have supplying bellows, protectors for contact surfaces and loading hoses to industrial concerns for decades.

In many cases, we have found workable solutions ourselves where customers could see no solution themselves and where conventional designs did not provide an efficient result.  The considerable knowledge and experience we have accumulated over time forms the basis of our expertise.  Gaiters are manufactured in accordance with detailed specifications.  For this reason, forms are available, which we will send on request by fax or Internet. As a rule, costs for the forms are not calculated into the total. All of the protective systems are produced in large as well as small quantities.  Even with gaiters, on account of a process which is developed and patented by us, we are able to inexpensively supply pilot products and prototypes at no additional cost.

Removal ratio

In normal cases, a removal ratio applies
Lmin : Lmax of 1:6

In special cases, in which the outer diameter can be freely chosen, removal ratios up to 1:10 are possible.  In the case of conical bellows, where the folds are integrated, we have achieved removal ratios of up to 1:20.


The connecting parts may be designed differently.  The most common designs are with a flange or guard.  Made from a sheet or plastic, the flange is fastened using screws. In the case of the guard, a tension band is used.