Heat resistant folded bellows

Folded gaiters are not only used under normal climatic conditions, but also high temperature conditions.  For high thermal loads, materials are used with specific material qualities.


Robust, thermally resistant, asbestos materials are used for heat-resistant gaiters. These include heat-resistant leather and other current fabrics made from inorganic fibres: fibreglass, aramid, Kynol, Preox.  All these materials can be laminated with aluminum foil, whereby a higher mechanical strength is achieved.  Heat resistance and mechanical stress of the materials are different, therefore, it is necessary to decide on the material in each case.


Heat-resistant materials are both wrapped as well as stitched.  In the case of large dimensions, wire rings on the inside and coil springs on the outside ensure an exact folding process.  The removal ratio with high temperature gaiters is approximately 1:5. Nearly all lengths and diameters are available from approx. 100 mm.

 Fields of application

 Gaiters can be installed vertically and horizontally.  The planned usage plays a decisive role with regard to the specific design features.  The folded gaiters are used in steel mills, metallurgical works, rolling mills, glass factories and other industrial sectors.  Pistons, spindles and shafts are protected from dust, sparks and cinders. In the case of industrial robots, moving parts and cables are protected from welding beads or increased heat radiation.  In the automobile trade, they serve as thermally resilient vacuum hoses.

Material Thermal resilience Mechanical resilience Example areas of application
 Silicate fabrics
350 °C, short-term 600 °C  minimal folded gaiters in continuos casting plants, blast furnace environments
Aramid fabrics
180 °C very good vacuum hoses, vacuum arms and folded gaiters for welding robots etc.
Special leather, aluminium coated 120 °C good folded gaiters and cable protection, protection of machine parts against radiant heat, welding beads
"Preox" 350 °C, short-term 600 °C good folded gaiters and sleeves in the case of radiant heat
"Kynol" 300 °C, short-term 600 °C good folded gaiters and sleeves in the case of radiant heat