Box-style bellows

We distinguish between two different types:

A robust design’:>> With sewn-in wire rings.

Application: Mainly lifting tables and lifting platforms with medium-hard to hard levels of stressVersion:

A filigree design’:  >> Welded, glued and sewn, with an exact interior folded shape.

 Application:Lifting tables for medium levels of stress and a pleasant appearance.


Made from various materials with a sewn-in wire frame and reversible coil springs, or sewn interior folds.  Stitched boxed gaiters can be produced from all materials (used in planning) such as Neoprene, PVC, polyurethane, Teflon coated materials and heat-resistant Kevlar.  If a minimum dimension as well as an attractive appearance is needed, flat plastic frames can also be incorporated instead of the sturdy wire frame.  In this design, accurate folding is predetermined by a thermal process.

The fixing mechanism is performed by means of metal flanges. For installation at a later stage, the folded gaiter can be manufactured in a design that can be divided (zip closure / Velcro strip).


Manufacturing is done via the sewing machine (gluing as an aid to manufacturing).