Slide protectors

The exact adaptation of slide protectors to the operational requirements is the basis for reliable protection. Slide protectors reduce the number of repairs and downtimes. By keeping slides free from sharp-edged filings, slag, emery dust, welding sparks and cinders, they represent a reliable, economic solution to the problem.

Fields of application

They can be found in nearly all areas of the metal industry: grinding machines, drilling machines, milling machines and planing machines.


Slide protectors are available in the following designs: Support plate on the side pieces, support plate for the construction bar, for vertical use with heat protection.


The manufacturing of slide protectors is possible in almost every length and width. The material is coated on both sides and is resistant against water, cutting oil and coolant emulsions. Strengthening elements in the folds ensure that the shape retains its stability. If dampness emerges, the apt shape ensures that moisture runs off unhindered. Abrasion-proof sliding members ensure a perfect course. Built-in removal barriers prevent the gaiter overstretching.



  • the shape retains its stability as benefits from  optimum removal conditions
  • suitable for high speeds
  • no corroding parts
  • additional surface protection
  • through mobile steel lamellae in the case of heat


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