Manufacturing & fields of application

The bellow consists of a movable hide part and connection pieces for fastening. This simple construction enables a variety of uses.


Bellow production takes place through winding, sewing or glueing. When winding, a moistened leather hose is pulled over a multi-part shape. By means of a cord, the hose is brought into the shape. After drying, the parts of the shape are removed, piece by piece. When sewing, no shape is necessary. The shaping is done by wire rings, which are available in almost any diameter.  Wire rings and apportioned steel springs give the gaiter form and stability.


There are round, rectangular and polygon shapes, the gaiter can be cylindrical, conical or curved.

Field of application

  •  protection against dust, cinders, chippings on shafts, pistons and hydraulic systems
  • protection against sand, sparks, heat and splashes of material on robots, moulding and casting machines
  • prevention against the development of dust in the case of vibration conveyors and packaging systems
  • partitioning to stop light penetrating optical devices
  • a guarantee of freedom of movement in a aggressive or damp climate
  • lowering of noises in the pipe system
  • protects the movable parts of industry robots