Quality & Technology

Quality, the environment and occupational health and safety:

We bear responsibility, for the high quality of our products, the occupational health and safety of our staff as well as towards the environment. The staff are drawn into these fields, both through their own activities, as well as performance-related, motivated recognition in relation to the continuous optimization process. A careful balance with nature is especially important for us.Through the careful use of material and energy, we make our contribution to effective environmental protection.

Implementation, checks and coordination:

 The expectations of customers set our standards. A certified management system enables us to fulfil these expectations. It brings about the permanent updating and verification of work and organisational processes.  It prevents a forced clinging to impractical programs and methods.  The changes and challenges of the marketplace are the engine for our entrepreneurial actions. It provides us with indications about the product range, for new developments that are necessary as well as the optimization manufacturing techniques.